Sailing clippers on the rivers and the Zuiderzee


One hundred years ago there used to be many sailing ships on the large rivers and the Zuiderzee. They where used for the transportation of cargo and they where the precursors of the motor vessels from nowadays.

The only difference was that in those days everything used to be done with bare hands or, in other words, with sails. One can not imagine anymore how the captains managed to sail in and out the ports, pull down the mast, passing under a bridge and so on.

And of course, do not forget that in those days an engine did not excist. If there was no wind or if the wind blew the wrong way, the captain had to hire horses or a steamship and that costed a lot of money.

Fortunately, some ships managed to stay out of the blast furnaces and in the seventees some sail-lovers put them back into sailing again.

Nowadays, a large number of sailing charterships is back into business on the Dutch and foreign waters. The ships vary from simple to very luxury.

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